Creator Details

Sounds great! How do I start?

Click here, fill out the form and submit. From there, we'll verify your request and be in touch with more details.

How exactly does MuSchool work?

Anyone can send you private video or text messages, and you get paid for each response.

I have to request a Creator Profile? Why can't I just set up my own?

Good question. MuSchool is built on the idea of safely accessing world-class talent. Because of that mission, we're verifying every Creator to make sure our community is being served by the best of the best.

My Creator request was denied, can I apply again?

Sure! Just because you were denied once, doesn't mean we don't want you in our community. We'll keep your application on file and you can hit us up any time for another review.

My Creator profile is set up now, how do I start earning?

Set your rates, share your profile with your following on social media, and watch your inbox grow.

I'm getting a ton of messages, how do I keep up with all of them?

In the app you can set a limit for how many messages you can receive at any given time, that way you're never in over your head, and your audience is never left hanging.

What happens if I fail to respond to all of my requests?

Don't worry, we'll automatically give in-app credit to those folks whose questions are unanswered after 10 days. That being said, dive into your inbox and start chipping away. Each message is a fan that wants to hear from you. Treat them well and they'll help you earn!

What if I forget to address something in my response?

No worries, as a creator you can send unlimited follow up texts.

Am I an employee of MuSchool?

No. You maintain an independent contractor relationship with MuSchool and retain control of your experience on the platform. You choose when you work, what jobs you want to perform (choosing which questions to respond to), and the work you perform is all your own. We're here to connect you with your audience like never before and keep all users supported. We have enforceable community standards and Terms of Service that you are required to accept and follow before using MuSchool.

I want to access my funds, can I withdraw my earnings on-demand?

We're working hard to bring you on-demand payouts. We'll let you know when this feature is available. Until then, you'll receive earnings payouts once per month via our chosen payments facilitator.

How much can I earn?

Contact for potential earnings details.